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Bar Capitán Meléndez

I open Capitán Melendez’ bar to homage to my father: Mr. Felipe Meléndez, who was well known in the world of classical cocktails as “Chino Meléndez”. He was barman during the 40’s decade behind the counter of Maury’s Hotel and the Grand Bolivar’s. He personally took care of different international celebrities who were visiting Lima at those years: as John Wayne, Ava Gardner, Mario Moreno-Cantinflas-, Tin Tan and the famous Johnny Weismüller.
In plus of that, my father was my teacher in the art of preparing cocktails. Thanks to his instructions and training in 1986, I started to work in some hotel’s bars. In many opportunities I was called to Itinerants Missions of Pisco by PROMPERU and MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS –PERUVIAN CHANCELLERY to promote Pisco in different foreign cities as London, Munich, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Lisboa, New York, Miami, Santo Domingo, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Loja, Montevideo, Punta del Este, Seul and New Orleans.
Thanks to Pisco sour!
Thanks to Pisco!